All of the information you need to know about Faux bois craftsmanship

Why Faux Bois?

As an avid outdoors enthusiast, I have a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife. Much like mother nature, faux bois is both detailed and beautiful while being able to withstand, and even thrive, under harsh elements. It stands the test of time and is very heavy, but I can make it lighter if needed. It is easy to clean as well. If outside, simply spray the piece down with a hose. Faux bois looks more natural and develops its own character with time, aging extremely well. Faux bois furniture for example, captures the beauty of realistic looking tree bark and the elements only bring our more of its natural beauty. Each of my faux bois creations is entirely tailored to the client’s ideas and desired design. I do not use molds and hand make each piece; I sculpt and shape each creation by hand, paying attention to every detail and creating something as unique as what you find in nature.

What is faux bois?

The art of sculpting cement to look like bark and wood. It is extremely unique, inviting and a conversation starter. The beauty of faux bois is only enhanced by time and weather, and constructed to last centuries.

Who do I work with?

I work with interior designers, landscapers, gardeners, commercial and residential properties, stone masonry, families and anyone who wants a unique, one-of-a-kind creation that lasts generations.

Places you can find my custom faux bois pieces…

Gardens, parks, hotels, cabins, commercial real estate, residential homes, backyards, living rooms, ski lodges, hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure lodges, garden shops, stone and brick shops, theme parks, camp sites, weddings and specials events, ranches and so much more.

What kinds of products can be made with faux bois?

We can create almost anything that comes to the imagination such as— benches, bird baths, planters, tables, chairs, fire places, garden furniture, patio furniture, mailboxes, fences, gates, rain shelters, decorative bridges, pergolas, decorative vines, trellis, arbors, railings, window frames on structures and so much more. I hand sculpt each of these, so no two are exactly alike.


We primarily serve the Front Range and state of Colorado, but are happy to ship items U.S. wide. We will travel to your location to build on site depending on the order. Please contact us for tailored orders outside of Colorado. Depending on the order, my sculptures take about a seven days.