Reclaimed wood without the price tag

Barn Wood Veneer

The reclaimed wood look is beautiful. And you can have it without the hefty price tag. How? By using barn wood veneer. It’s an unique strategy that is competitive and often less than the cost of solid wood. To get the ideal design you’re after, I custom cast cement barn wood veneer, using real wood from buildings and corrals. It is typically an inch thick and is very lightweight. We cast the wood from a 100 year old Colorado farm and ranch.

Barn wood veneer is basically a barn wood tile that captures beautiful detail of aged real wood, and is definitely a conversation starter. Barn wood veneer has the same texture as real wood because it is cast from real wood! While being lighter weight, barn wood veneer has beautiful knots, colors, and all of the organic markings of century old wood.

This is the only product from my work that I make from molds. These veneer pieces carry incredible detail of wood knots, wear from animals rubbing up against the wood, and holes made from nails and insects. This veneer can be used as exterior siding or to add an interior accent to any home. Please contact me today for more information.