Stone masonry, construction and love of nature

About Mike The Sculptor

Why choose me to sculpt these unique masterpieces?

When I first discovered faux bois (again, concrete made to resemble wood), I wanted to start etching my own experiences and memories of nature into these works. I am a sixth generation stone mason, learning the craft from my father and grandfather. I care about every detail that makes these pieces of art come to life, and I pay attention to the little things as much as I do the big elements of each design. I am comfortable creating something from my client’s vision, or coming up with my own ideas to implement their requests. I’ve worked in construction for several decades and am comfortable meeting people, talking through their ideas, drafting their concepts and making them into a reality.

My years of experience in cement and construction give me the expertise to get just the cement right texture for sculpting and they underlying structural integrity for each piece. Faux bois, when done correctly and cared for, lasts for generations. I also care as much about my reputation and working relationship with clients as I do each detail: I am punctual, clean, courteous and work efficiently and fast. I treat my client’s homes and spaces like I would my own, taking extreme care to be neat and thoughtful about disruption. I commit to my promises about timelines and work quality. I want my customers to love their faux bois creations for the decades their pieces will last, and to appreciate their interactions with me as a professional just as much. I want my customers to look at my pieces and be excited, proud and absolutely love the final design.